California Baby LoveĀ 

I've mentioned loving all things California Baby before and I thought it would be helpful to list all of my favorite things in one post! This was actually a brand I fell in love with when I was pregnant with Jack. I was looking for the best shampoo for him and I was attracted to [...]


Toddler Summer Reading List

Since we have been trapped indoors a lot of the day lately because of the heat, we've spent a lot of time doing one of J's favorite things- reading! A lot of our reading is done at home, but we also love spending mornings at our local library discovering new books. I thought it would [...]

What’s in my (toddler’s) beach bag?

Last year I did a post on What's in my (baby's) beach bag? and thought it would be fun to do an updated version! I switched out some of the items we've been using and loving. The only things that are still the same are the swim diaper and hat, Jack actually still fits into [...]

New Co-sleeping Arrangement: Sidecarring Our Crib

First, a history of Jack and sleep. For about the first two months of Jack's life he slept in the crib half the time (it was in our room then), and in bed with us half the time. I loved having him in bed with me but felt like I was only succeeding as a [...]

Brushing Baby’s Teeth! (And too much talk about fluoride.)

Jack has four teeth now! His two front teeth popped through not long after his bottom ones which means it is time to start brushing! After going back and forth a bunch (mainly in regards to the fluoride debate) we finally decided on a toothpaste. We chose Earth's Best Toddler Toothpaste and are using the [...]

Choosing Safe Sunscreens (For you and baby!)

At Jack's four month well-check his primary pediatrician (love him) was going through a few general reminders and said, "If he has to be in the sun, I'd rather him have sunscreen on than get burned." That's all he said about it, but I obsessed over it for a few hours. He said it in [...]

Bath Time Favorites

Jack has always loved bath time and I so love watching him enjoy himself in the tub. I try to go as long as I can without bathing him for his skin's sake (that usually ends up being a few days) but I don't mind bathing him every night of the week if he is [...]

Jack’s First Day

What was your first day as a mother like? After the hell of labor. Labor is such a strange blur to me now- some things are really clear still, and some things I question if they happened at all. I mainly remember being really bored waiting for labor to start. Since I was induced I [...]

All Things Bum

When Jack was six weeks old, he got a diaper rash. After crying too much and feeling like a failure of a mother at only six weeks in (postpartum hormones are the best, am I right?) I Googled the crap out of how to help my baby with his rash and came up with this: [...]

5 Things I Never Thought I’d Do (After Becoming a Mom)

Alright, mamas, I bet we all have a list like this. There are a few things I thought I would do as a mom, but don't. Then there are a lot of things I never thought I would do, that I totally do (and I'm proud of it!) Here's five: 1. Drive a van. Five [...]