Shampoo and Conditioner (Toxic Free Emily)

It feels so good to finally be starting the first of several blog posts in this series- Toxic Free Emily. It has been on my heart for such a long time and I am so excited that I am finally taking action! We are using so many harmful chemicals in every day products and enough [...]


Recipe: Organic Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie (and yogurt drops!)

We have had some exciting experiences with food this past week! Jack's solid strike ended, but he brought a few challenges to the table when he started eating again- the main one being he HATES spoon feeding now. Another challenge is he rarely will eat things cut up in front of him, he needs to [...]

Choosing Safe Sunscreens (For you and baby!)

At Jack's four month well-check his primary pediatrician (love him) was going through a few general reminders and said, "If he has to be in the sun, I'd rather him have sunscreen on than get burned." That's all he said about it, but I obsessed over it for a few hours. He said it in [...]