California Baby LoveĀ 

I've mentioned loving all things California Baby before and I thought it would be helpful to list all of my favorite things in one post! This was actually a brand I fell in love with when I was pregnant with Jack. I was looking for the best shampoo for him and I was attracted to [...]


What’s in my (toddler’s) beach bag?

Last year I did a post on What's in my (baby's) beach bag? and thought it would be fun to do an updated version! I switched out some of the items we've been using and loving. The only things that are still the same are the swim diaper and hat, Jack actually still fits into [...]

What’s in my (baby’s) beach bag?

Whether it's the beach or a water park, Jack and I need to be prepared for what the summer day brings. Here are our beach bag must-haves! i play Sun Flap Hat This is the best hat for sun protection I've found by far! I love the design of it, both sides of Jack's head [...]

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review and GIVEAWAY!

Glow Bug sent me this one size pocket diaper to review and are sending one to the lucky winner of this giveaway! I contacted them with a few questions about their diapers and after some lovely customer service, we decided to set up this review and giveaway. Not going to lie, the main reason I [...]

Giveaway TOMORROW!

Calling all cloth mamas! Super excited for tomorrow because I will be posting a review of a cloth diaper (spoiler: I love it) and I will also be running my first giveaway! So excited the lucky winner will also receive a great diaper to try! Look out for which brand it is, the review, and [...]

Favorite Wraps and Carriers

Jack is in one of our carriers or wraps at least once a day and some days much more than that. I originally starting wearing him for my own benefit- it was convenient, I could get stuff done around the house faster, and a lot of times it is so much easier going to the [...]

Recipe: Organic Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie (and yogurt drops!)

We have had some exciting experiences with food this past week! Jack's solid strike ended, but he brought a few challenges to the table when he started eating again- the main one being he HATES spoon feeding now. Another challenge is he rarely will eat things cut up in front of him, he needs to [...]

Choosing Safe Sunscreens (For you and baby!)

At Jack's four month well-check his primary pediatrician (love him) was going through a few general reminders and said, "If he has to be in the sun, I'd rather him have sunscreen on than get burned." That's all he said about it, but I obsessed over it for a few hours. He said it in [...]

Top Ten Baby Buys (in the first six months)

I missed my Tuesday blog post because Jack and I have been super sick, but I am SO excited to be back with my Top Ten Baby Buys. I have been wanting to do this post since I started my blog, but wanted to make sure the list was just right. I love so many [...]

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

I was in the middle of refilling my diaper bag and thought it would be really fun to do a "what's in my bag" post. So, here we go! My husband decided he wanted to use a standard backpack after carrying around our traditional messenger diaper bag for a couple of months (which was fine [...]