Stroller Review: Bumbleride Indie Twin

Together my husband and I spent hours researching the best double strollers. With so many options and factors to consider, deciding on a double for our baby and toddler was considerably harder than deciding on a single for us. It all paid off though, we ended up with one of the best: the Bumbleride Indie [...]


What’s in my (toddler’s) beach bag?

Last year I did a post on What's in my (baby's) beach bag? and thought it would be fun to do an updated version! I switched out some of the items we've been using and loving. The only things that are still the same are the swim diaper and hat, Jack actually still fits into [...]

What’s in my (baby’s) beach bag?

Whether it's the beach or a water park, Jack and I need to be prepared for what the summer day brings. Here are our beach bag must-haves! i play Sun Flap Hat This is the best hat for sun protection I've found by far! I love the design of it, both sides of Jack's head [...]

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review and GIVEAWAY!

Glow Bug sent me this one size pocket diaper to review and are sending one to the lucky winner of this giveaway! I contacted them with a few questions about their diapers and after some lovely customer service, we decided to set up this review and giveaway. Not going to lie, the main reason I [...]

Giveaway TOMORROW!

Calling all cloth mamas! Super excited for tomorrow because I will be posting a review of a cloth diaper (spoiler: I love it) and I will also be running my first giveaway! So excited the lucky winner will also receive a great diaper to try! Look out for which brand it is, the review, and [...]

New Co-sleeping Arrangement: Sidecarring Our Crib

First, a history of Jack and sleep. For about the first two months of Jack's life he slept in the crib half the time (it was in our room then), and in bed with us half the time. I loved having him in bed with me but felt like I was only succeeding as a [...]

Brushing Baby’s Teeth! (And too much talk about fluoride.)

Jack has four teeth now! His two front teeth popped through not long after his bottom ones which means it is time to start brushing! After going back and forth a bunch (mainly in regards to the fluoride debate) we finally decided on a toothpaste. We chose Earth's Best Toddler Toothpaste and are using the [...]

Recipe: Organic Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie (and yogurt drops!)

We have had some exciting experiences with food this past week! Jack's solid strike ended, but he brought a few challenges to the table when he started eating again- the main one being he HATES spoon feeding now. Another challenge is he rarely will eat things cut up in front of him, he needs to [...]

Choosing Safe Sunscreens (For you and baby!)

At Jack's four month well-check his primary pediatrician (love him) was going through a few general reminders and said, "If he has to be in the sun, I'd rather him have sunscreen on than get burned." That's all he said about it, but I obsessed over it for a few hours. He said it in [...]

Cloth Diapering??

Alright, I am finally giving cloth diapering a try. Right after Jack was born I was given a stash of used diapers (super grateful) but they have been sitting in my closet ever since. Yesterday I was finally brave enough to put one on and just give it a try and I think I really [...]