I’m officially a Beautycounter consultant! This is a company committed to educating people about all of the toxic ingredients in our normal every day products (skin care, makeup, baby and kid products) and they sell amazing, safe alternatives! I’m going to link a short video that explains their mission a little more: 

BeautyCounter: We All Deserve Better

I never thought I would do something like this! Direct sales is soo not my thing. In fact, I thought long and hard about it for seven months! But eventually everything came together in such a perfect way, I felt like the universe was seriously pushing me to do this, and I couldn’t say no (as much as my insecurities wanted me to!!) Here are the three reasons why I decided it was right for me. 

1. It fell right in line with my journey to becoming toxic free! Starting my personal journey with this is something I have been wanting to do long before I even heard of Beautycounter! I would be switching out products regardless for safe alternatives, I might as well do it while getting all the perks of being a consultant! You can message me on Instagram or FB (emilykingramirez) or email me ( if you want to know more about those perks! 

2. I have been wanting to do more with social media. A month of two ago I decided I really wanted to pursue being an influencer on social media, Instagram specifically. I have always loved sharing what I use for the boys and it makes me SO HAPPY when people switch over their products because of something I’ve said. I love when people reach out to me and want to know more about something I’m using and why I love it. 

Something lit a fire under my butt and I went on an emailing spree to several different companies I love and asked to work with them. While most people blew me off because of my little following, one of my favorite companies of all time (California Baby) responded well, were super nice, and even ended up sending me a bunch of free stuff after a few exchanges! BUT ANYWAYS. 

It was in the middle of this emailing spree where I was determined to do more with my tiny platform that my friend reached out to me a second time about joining Beautycounter (she had first reached out several months before.) The timing seemed too perfect to ignore. I was definitely getting lots of “meant to be” vibes from the universe. Sharing what I love with people is so important to me, and it’s even more important everyone ditches the toxic crap we’ve been using. 

3. The business opportunity. Beautycounter consultants have the opportunity to make some serious money! Staying home with the boys has led to making some real sacrifices (that I would easily make over and over again!) Pair that with our decision we made Jan. 2017 to get out of debt and committ to never using credit cards/finance things anymore, we are always looking for a little extra cash. In fact, Jimmy has been working a second job for as long as I’ve been thinking about joining Beautycounter (several months.) I would love to take some stress off of him and my goal is to make it so Jimmy can quit that second job. 

So now what? I’m still continuing my Toxic Free Emily series (and don’t worry, I will still talk plenty about things besides that.) But I definitely want to share everything I’m learning along the way, as well as the products I’m loving! If you’re interested in taking a similar step in becoming toxic free, start by looking up the products you’re using on There you will be able to find a safety rating of what you’ve been using, and can also look up products you’re thinking about switching to. 

If Beautycounter sounds like something you’re interested and you want to browse all their great products or read more about their mission, you can check out my link here:

Thanks so much for reading! 


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