California Baby Love 

I’ve mentioned loving all things California Baby before and I thought it would be helpful to list all of my favorite things in one post!

This was actually a brand I fell in love with when I was pregnant with Jack. I was looking for the best shampoo for him and I was attracted to California Baby’s use of organic ingredients, sustainable practices and their simple mission of getting clean the safe and green way. From their website, “.. naturally-based and formulated without sulfates, triclosan, harsh cleansers, dyes, or synthetic fragrances.” They’re also cruelty free and use earth-friendly packaging.

We have tried so many different things from them and loved them all:

Calendula Everyday Lotion- This is an essential part of our nighttime routine! I’ve been using this since Jack and Benji were teeny tiny babies every night. Calendula is a flower that is great for sensitive skin, and California Baby gets their supply from their very own certified organic calendula field. Isn’t that amazing? This lotion also has rosemary extract and French lavender essential oils making it smell amazing. My pediatrician even complimented Jack’s skin one winter saying he’s used to seeing kids with dry scratchy legs and Jack’s skin looked and felt amazing. I use this lotion myself since my legs are super sensitive after I shave! (I have also tried the Super Sensitive Fragrance Free Everyday Lotion and the sensitive shampoo- both are great as well!)

Calendula Cream- This is something I just bought once but loved! It is really similar to the everyday lotion we use, just a bump up for super dry skin. We bought it one winter just to try and as much as we loved it, we found it wasn’t really necessary for us just because the everyday lotion does a good enough job keeping the boys’ skin happy all year round! I do keep a sample size of this in my diaper bag just in case I need lotion or cream while we are out!

Therapeutic Relief Eczema Cream- I don’t normally have a use for eczema cream, but there was a period Benji’s cheeks and chin were getting so sad and irritated from constant drool. I had a sample size of this and literally within a few hours his cheeks were back to looking perfect and you never would have known they were irritated. I have heard several people recommend this specific cream from people suffering from eczema and it is easy to understand why now. I used up just about my whole sample (they are a generous amount!) and have luckily kept his cheeks under control since. If he were to ever have that issue again though, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to buy more! ** Here is a link to where all my samples came from! **

Calming Shampoo and Bodywash- Another product we’ve been using since Jack was brand new, and the thing that led me to fall in love with the company! It has organic and vegan sustainably grown ingredients, no synthetic ingredients, and the French Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils meant to calm baby down smell amazing. It is so gentle but effective and I love knowing I am using a safe and green shampoo and bodywash on my kids.

Overtired and Cranky Bubble Bath- I might be choosing this as an official favorite simply because it comes with a bubble wand- bubbles on bubbles! We try to really space out bubble baths but when you are in need of one this is a great clean choice. It smells like tangerine, chamomile, and sweet orange- so yummy! There are too many bubble baths on the market with toxic ingredients, this is definitely one you can trust!

Super Sensitive (No Fragrance) SPF 30 Sunscreen- We love this sunscreen and I use it myself also! We tried a few other brands before I was a completely loyal California Baby fan like I am now, but this is by far my favorite. There are some straight up scary sunscreen choices out there! It is really important to do your research. Luckily, California Baby offers a totally clean and safe mineral sunscreen that is water resistant. We always have this on hand and I even keep a sample size in my diaper bag for emergencies. I am really excited they came out with SPF 50 this year!

Natural Bug Blend Bug Repellent- Luckily in California I’m not reaching for this too often, but when we go to the east coast it is a whole different story! I used this for the first time two summers ago in Massachusetts. I knew I needed something to keep all the mosquitoes off of me and my baby, but wanted to make sure I was using something safe. This seriously worked like a charm! I barely got any bites (everyone else was covered in bites!) and by the end of vacation everyone was asking to borrow it. The spray gets its great bug defense from citronella, lemongrass, and cedar essential oils (and it smells amazing too!) Right now they have a new Summertime Essentials bundle available that includes a travel size of this and it is a must (along with everything else in the bundle) for our east coast trip coming up in a few weeks! I should get it in the mail tomorrow and I can’t wait to open it! Check out what else comes in the Summertime Essentials bundle here!

Calming Diaper Area Wash- This is from the Calming line which means it has the same essential oils/ scent as the shampoo we use. Since I use just water for my wipes (whether cloth or disposable) there are times I feel like I need a little more cleaning power after a particularly dirty diaper and that’s when I reach for this! It’s plant-based, soothing, and has the same quality of great ingredients you will find in every other product of this brand. I just spray some directly onto baby’s bum!

Calming Diaper Rash Ointment- Another great thing out of the calming line. I love this diaper cream for its great ingredients and it works well as a preventative. Unfortunately Benji needed a higher amount of zinc oxide when he got a rash as a brand new baby from pooping so much. Benji needs 40% zinc oxide and this cream has 12%. This cream still works great as a preventative for us, but I would love it if California Baby came out with a maximum strength formula!

I’ve tried a good amount of products from California​Baby but there is seriously so much more I have yet to get my hands on! I’m going to link the website here so you guys can browse and find something for your specific needs. It’s fun browsing their website because they also give tips on ways adults can use the products in a different way (like the diaper area wash makes a great face wash!)

I especially love their bundles they offer (always a great savings!) I also LOVE their sample packages you can get. Such a good value and a great way to try a lot of different things at once. I need to grab another one soon- I love keeping samples of sunscreen, lotion, and diaper cream in my diaper bag!

Thanks for reading, y’all know how much I like to talk about products I love and trust!


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