Jack’s Third Birthday Party (Dump Truck Party)

Jack had such a good time with his friends celebrating his birthday this weekend! He requested a “dump truck party” and I’m so glad he did because it was a really cute theme to play around with! I didn’t go crazy, but I did have fun planning what I did. 

I wanted to keep it really simple with food this year. We offered pizza, chips, and goldfish. Out back we had coolers with water, soda, beer, and popsicles. Something I did for the first time this year was grab individual snack size bags of chips and goldfish and I will forever do that for parties now! Less clean up, more sanitary, and less waste. I decided to put them in these white crates that Jack normally keeps all of his cars in and thought it ended up looking super cute! 

One great thing about a construction themed party is for most of the table decorations I just used toys he already had. I got the cones at Dollar Tree (two for a dollar!) I also got the plastic table cloth at the Dollar Tree which I read was a good buy but I have to disagree. It was so sheer it would have looked terrible if I didn’t have enough to double it up like I did. The caution tape and construction signs are from Amazon. 

My original plan was to have the dump truck dumping chips into one of the crates, but the truck ended up being too short. This ended up working well!

His cake was my favorite part and it took me all of five minutes to decorate. We ordered a plain chocolate cake, Jimmy cut a three out of parchment paper and then I covered it with crushed Oreos! The cone candles were a great touch I got on Amazon. I also got the vehicles on Amazon, but sadly saw the same exact ones at Dollar Tree for cheaper but it was too late by the time I realized. I thought the cake came out great and Jack got a kick out of it. 

Keeping up with the dirt theme I decided to make some dirt too! Classic recipe, Jello pudding, Cool Whip, and crushed Oreos with gummy worms. I got the cups (eight came in each pack) at the Dollar Tree before I had a purpose for them and it ended up working well. I just added some stickers (Amazon) to keep with the theme! 

Another thing I did differently this year was switch up the way I did party favors. I wanted to keep it cheap, not involve candy since we were doing a pinata, and avoid cheap plastic filler favors. I got a bunch of $1 stuff from Party City (stuff like notebooks that came with a fun pen, or a little set that had a notebook, markers, and a ruler, those pictures on fabric you color, etc.) and also picked up some puzzles at Dollar Tree. I wrapped them all and each kid got one on the way out. I think it made it way more exciting! I also obsessed forever on the wording of it. I didn’t want to label them as “boy” or “girl” favors, but the favors did all have characters on them so I thought this was a good way. The ribbons and wrapping paper (both great buys!!) were from Dollar Tree. I bought a two pack of each color ribbon bows and just cut off some strands for each favor. 

And that was that! We got a bounce house that was not much smaller than our backyard, a pinata and that took care of entertaining nine kids age 2-10!


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