Stroller Review: Bumbleride Indie Twin

Together my husband and I spent hours researching the best double strollers. With so many options and factors to consider, deciding on a double for our baby and toddler was considerably harder than deciding on a single for us. It all paid off though, we ended up with one of the best: the Bumbleride Indie Twin. After a solid six months of using it, I feel like I can finally give an official review of it. It’s love, and here’s why:

The Indie Twin is a side by side all terrain stroller that can be used as a jogging stroller when the front wheels are locked. All-wheel suspension and air-filled tires (a pump comes with the stroller) are features I didn’t think I needed, but now would have a really hard time living without. We have taken this stroller on the sand, rocky trails, and I regularly walk it on grassy hills.. all smooth and easy! Having the freedom to really take your stroller anywhere is amazing, and I am officially converted to the all terrain life.

Beyond being able to handle really rough terrain, this stroller is a dream to push and maneuver. I take it on walks daily and it always comes to Disneyland with us. One thing I absolutely need in a double stroller is the ability to push it easily one-handed and the Indie Twin completely satisfies that. I love that I have no problems pushing it while reaching down to give the baby a toy or the toddler a snack (a huge perk of side by sides, both kids are always in reach!) It really does not feel much different than maneuvering a single stroller, and it is only as wide as 30 inches (if a doorway is big enough for a wheelchair, it will be big enough for this stroller!)

Something that also needs to be said about all Bumblerides, they are eco-friendly! As an earth-loving, cloth-diapering, natural mama you could guess that is really important to me. Each stroller (in colors Dawn Grey, Maritime Blue, Tourmaline [our stroller is this color], Camp Green and Red Sand) uses 52 recycled water bottles for their 100% recycled polyester material (which is super soft and really easy to wipe down!) Their Silver Black color uses a dye process that saves 25-40 gallons of water per stroller, how awesome is that? Even more awesome- all strollers are PVC & phthalate free, and also are free of fire retardants and polyurethane foam.


More features I love:

Infant compatible seats. That is something especially important for our family because we skip the infant car seats and use convertible car seats from birth. (However, if needed this stroller is capable of using two infant car seats at once!) The seats lay flat and the footrest can be pushed all the way up and snapped in place, mimicking a bassinet. I absolutely love that my seven month old and nearly three year old can both lay flat with their feet up and take naps at the same time without another seat getting in the way (another huge perk of side by sides.) My toddler cuddles up on his side just like how he prefers to be in his bed. You can also unsnap and allow airflow through the back which is great for warmer days, or even just for reaching through and making sure your brand new baby is breathing (I may have done this five thousand times.)

Huge canopy. Not just a huge canopy, there is also a little bonus flap the comes down so there’s no way the sun is getting in the kids’ eyes. Oh, and the canopies are UPF/SPF 45+ with magnetic viewing windows! (I love that there is no Velcro to get ruined after a long of use.)

Storage. The basket underneath is generous and always gets us through our full Disney days (one stuffed Jujube Be Right Back, a wet bag of clean cloth diapers, a dirty wetbag, a wetbag full of snacks, Hydroflask, a Tula, a changing pad, 3-4 jackets and sometimes two blankets!) There are also two pockets on the back of each seat which we like keeping emergency spare diapers and wipes in, and there’s even small zippered pockets above that’s great for sunglasses or phones. There is also a little pocket on the inside for sippy cups, or Hot Wheels.

The parent wrist strap, foot lock, and five point break away harnesses are simple and helpful.

This stroller also comes with bumper bars which I was excited for, but the toddler prefers his seat without it. My husband and I really appreciate the different options for the height of the handle bar since we prefer different settings. Folding and unfolding is easy for me. I’m shorter and need to lift it (36 pounds) into my van’s trunk and I have no problems doing that. It is a one step fold, autolocks, and will stay standing while folded. Folding is extremely simple and quick. I’ll link a video here showing how to fold the stroller:

Fold Video

We literally love everything about this stroller and I am so glad to be part of the Bumbleride family. The Bumbleride Indie Twin retails for $739.00 USD and here are some of the retailers you can find it (we personally had a great experience ordering online through Albee Baby):


Albee Baby



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