Toddler Fashion Favorites (Summer)


  1. GAP 1969 Frayed Knit Denim Shorts– Until now I’ve only put Jack in stretchy pants and shorts because my main priority is that he is comfortable and can move freely, but I finally found a pair of denim shorts that meet those requirements too! I love that they hit just above the knee and are just loose enough around the leg to be really comfortable but not baggy at all. They are supersoft knit denim and I really appreciate that there is a hidden adjustable waist and a hook and bar closure instead of a real button. These seriously seem so comfortable and make every outfit so much cuter, he pretty much lives in these and a tank top. They run true to size, for reference Jack wears 18M for bottoms in Carter’s and in these he is 12-18M (and they are even a little loose if he isn’t wearing a cloth diaper.)
  2. TOM’S ‘Romper’ Slip-On– These are a great summer shoe! They are so easy to slip on and off, they’re waterproof so they are great for water play which also means when they get dirty you can just rinse them off. They are really breathable and Jack’s feet don’t get sweaty when it’s really hot which makes it a great summer shoe or just a great everyday shoe. He loves these and always asks to wear them even when we have nowhere to go. While they are great for splashing around and getting wet, they don’t totally replace a water shoe or sandal since a tiny bit of water always gets trapped in the bottom.
  3. VANS Toddlers CL Half Cab– I really like Jack to have one really good pair of sneakers whatever size he is in. He recently grew out of his Nikes (which I loved so much) and I was originally searching to get him another similar pair but couldn’t find anything I liked. We ended up venturing into Vans and am so glad we did- these shoes are the cutest! These are so cushioned and padded and seem super comfortable for Jack. The only problem is I may have started a serious Vans addiction (for him!) I’m really eyeing some high tops and once summer is over I won’t have any excuse to not buy them!
  4. Carter’s Snug Fit Cotton Pajamas– I always turn to Carter’s for Jack’s pajamas, they just do it the best! I needed more summer PJs for Jack and was excited to snag four pairs for half off the other week. I love how cozy they are- no irritating tags or embellishments- and I really like the snug fit. The cute factor is just a bonus.
  5. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Junior– I’m definitely a Ray-Ban fan, all my prescription glasses and sunglasses have been Ray-Ban for years so naturally I’ve been dying over kids’ Ray-Bans since I found out I was pregnant with Jack. I couldn’t let myself buy them until Jack willingly kept sunglasses on for long periods of time though and he finally does! We had recently got him a cheap pair of sunglasses which he loved, but they were a little big and kept pushing his ears down and would bother him. Jimmy had to convince me to spend the money (as much as I wanted them) but I am so, so happy we did because they fit him perfectly and seem so much more comfortable and lightweight than the others, and he will be able to wear them for a really long time. And they are ridiculously cute, duh.
  6. Quicksilver Bubble Springsuit– Last year for Jack’s swimsuit we did the classic trunks and rash guard but I love this even more! We grabbed it at a little store by the beach we always go to and it’s the only thing we put Jack in now if he will be swimming in the sun (I still like just his swim diaper or trunks for all the late night swims we’ve been doing lately.) I love how easy it is to slip on and off with the zipper in the back and the fact that it is one piece so I don’t have to worry about his rash guard riding up and exposing his skin to the sun or getting sand down his shorts. It is also UPF 50+Ultraviolet sun protection!

I’ve linked almost everything directly to their company’s website and want to point out some of the prices are way more than we paid. Almost all of these items we were able to get for a really good deal either by sale or coupons (especially the shorts and PJs.) Shopping around, using coupons, or waiting for sales is definitely the way to go with this stuff (and everything in life really, right?)


2 thoughts on “Toddler Fashion Favorites (Summer)

  1. Gap is one of my favorite places to shop for Artie. The “grown-up” look of the clothes is just to cute! OshKosh has some awesome shorts at the moment too. The fact that they have size 24 months is great because Artie’s in between 18 months and 2T.


    1. Ooh, good to know! I always stop in Gap for J and sometimes find more stuff I want for him than other times, but seriously everything in there is SO cute right now. Like, literally everything. It’s taking all my willpower not to buy every single tank top.


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