What’s in my (baby’s) beach bag?

Whether it’s the beach or a water park, Jack and I need to be prepared for what the summer day brings. Here are our beach bag must-haves!


i play Sun Flap Hat This is the best hat for sun protection I’ve found by far! I love the design of it, both sides of Jack’s head and the back of his neck are ALWAYS completely protected from the sun. (I always found myself putting sunblock on the back of his neck because bucket hats wouldn’t always completely cover it.) His face is also protected by the large brim which can easily be flipped up if needed. Other great things about this hat- UPF 50+ fabric, the material is like a swimsuit so it wicks away moisture, and it ties on (I seriously hate hats that velcro!) So stoked about this hat. You can buy this hat here. (affiliate link)

Carter’s Rash Guard Jack’s classic swimming outfit is some trunks and a long sleeved rash guard. A long sleeved shirt is guaranteed to keep him from getting burned (this is also UPF 50+!) and it also keeps him warm in cooler water. I love this fool proof way to protect him from the sun, and I don’t mind that much less to wrestle with sunblock. (Jack has the trunks and rash guard pictured- it’s my favorite swim look for him!) You can buy Carter’s swimwear here.

Charlie Banana Extraordinary Swim Diaper We use reusable swim diapers for Jack and love them. My favorite brand we have tried so far is these, it has a nice waterproof outer shell but a soft organic cotton lining on the inside. My favorite thing about these is the fit (which can be slightly adjusted by drawstring) and they seem the most comfortable out of the brands we have tried. You can buy this swim diaper here.

Munchkin Weighted Straw Sippy Cup Jack has been drinking out of a straw for awhile now (yay!) We’ve graduated from traditional sippy cups to only using ones with straws or spoutless cups (Munchkin’s Miracle 360 is amazing for spoutless.) I’m really happy he drinks out of a straw now because when he uses a straw he grabs the cup himself, doesn’t play with it too much, and drinks a lot. We still nurse super often (every 2-3 hours which makes me so happy) so he mainly gets hydrated from that. I still like him to drink water though, especially when we are out in the heat. This cup is awesome because it has a weighted straw so no matter which way baby tips it, the straw will follow and he will be able to drink. For the most part he holds the cup correctly, but he thinks he is really funny when he tips his head way back to drink and then says, “Ahhhh!” after. The cup also has a little lid that slides over the straw so it’s really easy to throw in your bag, and it doesn’t leak! It also comes with a straw cleaner which is a thoughtful bonus. You can buy this cup here.

Oxo Tot Flippy Snack Cup I needed a solution for when we were snacking out where Jack could feed himself but not spill everywhere, and this is it! I won’t claim it is completely spill proof, but it helps a ton. Munchkin makes a similar one, but this one in particular is the softest to put your hand through that I felt (I stuck my hand in a lot of them.) I also love it comes with a travel lid! We always have snacks with us and the beach and pool are no exception! You can buy the Oxo snack cup here.

Badger Baby Sunscreen I went into SO much detail about sunscreen and why I chose this in this post, so I won’t repeat myself too much here. I will say I love it, the ingredients are simple and pure, and it scores a 1 on EWG. Seriously check out that site, you guys and see how your sunscreen rates! It’s so important! One thing the site mentions is to use sunscreen as a last resort which I think is great advice. Clothing, hats, and shade should come first! If you have no choice but to be in the sun, then put on a great sunscreen. You can buy Badger sunscreen here.

Babyganics Pure Mineral Sunscreen Stick I love Badger for Jack’s body, but I wanted something quicker and easier to apply for his face (neither of us have any patience for the other when it comes to rubbing in any type of lotion on Jack’s face.) This Babyganics stick is great because it offers great coverage, is rated a 1 on EWG, and takes two seconds to reapply as needed (always need to get his tiny nose a few extra times.) This is SO much easier than trying and failing to get the Badger on his face. You can buy this sunscreen here.

And that’s pretty much it! We try to keep it pretty simple and throw all of this in a backpack, plus a change of clothes and some diapers. What are your summer must-haves for baby?


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