Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review and GIVEAWAY!

Glow Bug sent me this one size pocket diaper to review and are sending one to the lucky winner of this giveaway! I contacted them with a few questions about their diapers and after some lovely customer service, we decided to set up this review and giveaway.

Not going to lie, the main reason I was originally interested in Glow Bug diapers was because of how cute they are. Shallow, I know, but can you blame me after looking at them? My personal favorite prints are the twelve in the Explorer Package- sailboats, anchors, hot air balloons, all of them are adorable! They also have twelve prints in the Botanist Package (super cute flowers and butterflies) and also twelve prints in the Brainiac Package (this was the package my diaper is from.) ExplorerAllPictures While cute fluffy butts are fun and all, you cloth mamas know it doesn’t matter one bit if the diaper doesn’t do its job. I came up with four categories to judge this diaper by: quality, fit, performance, and cost.

Quality: The one thing that made me really hesitant about ordering these cloth diapers before trying them (which is why I emailed Glow Bug in the first place) was I wanted to touch them. I’m pretty picky about the diapers I choose to buy and I have to say I am impressed with the quality. The outside of the diaper is 100% polyester laminated with polyurethane and their SlimDry material on the inside is also 100% polyester. Speaking of the SlimDry material.. I LOVE it! It is super soft and lightweight, I don’t worry about moisture staying on Jack’s bum. I also really appreciate that the snaps are not hard to do or undo, and it doesn’t feel like you are going to rip them off (because that is the worst.)



Fit: The two things I heard most when people raved about these diapers (I asked a couple of times on Fluff Love & CD Science) were the fit was great and they are very trim. I agree with both! I am currently only using one size pocket diapers (just happen to be my favorite style) and even with the endless amounts of snaps, that doesn’t always mean you are guaranteed a great fit. I have to say Glow Bug is honestly my favorite fit yet, but of course that is going to be personal with you and your babe. They have a helpful sizing chart and tips and their general guide to sizing is what worked for us. Jack is a little over twenty pounds and is on their large rise adjustment (top row snapped to the second row, suggested for kids 18-25 pounds.) wpid-20150528_180827.jpg Performance: I think we can all agree this is the most important part. I’ve been doing extra laundry this week so I can make sure Jack uses this diaper a lot and it is truly tested for leaks and poo containment. Glow Bug passed every test! In the past Jack has leaked through different microfiber inserts, but not these ones! (The MF inserts are 70% polyester and 30% nylon, Glow Bug also offers bamboo inserts.) While we are chatting inserts, I also have to say I am a huge fan of the opening at each end of the diaper to make stuffing easy, and also the option to snap in the insert. And as for the poo.. we were lucky to have a dirty diaper within the first hour of trying it (oh God, when did I start saying such “mom things”?) I was pretty certain the design of the diaper was going to hold everything in because of their 360* gusset design (which it did.) But, I was worried since everything was being held in so well, it would be hard to get out. Overall, I would say it is slightly harder to scrape and wash the poo off than a diaper without this design, but does that mean it is a difficult task? Not at all. It just takes stretching the sides a little and maybe an extra minute at your rinsing station, but that’s it. The extra few seconds it takes me to clean would not stop me from buying more of these diapers.



Cost: Alright, as much as I absolutely love the look, quality, fit, and performance of Glow Bug there is one thing I am super bummed about- the way the diapers are sold. If you are buying directly from Glow Bug’s website, the smallest package you can get is twelve diapers for $189! Dang! Now if you want to break it up, that is only about $15 per diaper which I think is a great price for them. I just don’t have that kind of money all at once, and I don’t think a lot of people do. They do have a co-op which is a great option for people: Glow Bug and Friends Co-op. I personally do not have experience with the co-op and probably will not use it. I would rather save (for awhile!) to get a package of twelve because I really do love this diaper and would love to have more in my stash. Can we talk about how cute they are again?

Glow Bug is being super nice and offering a 5% off code to you guys to help with the cost:

All in all, love this diaper and can’t wait to eventually get my hands on more. Adorable, love the material inside, great fit. Also, I can’t end this review without saying how amazed I was by their great customer service. I originally emailed asking them if they had any retailers in Southern California (no) and explained I was hesitant to buy without seeing first. We ended up emailing a few times back and forth (almost all were really quick replies) and it was all genuine conversation, not scripted responses I expected to get. It was really nice.

Okay, okay! I know I can talk a lot but only when it is about something I truly love. But now for the really fun part! The giveaway!

The rules are as follows:

1. Follow my blog- you can either follow it with a WordPress account or subscribe by email.

2. You actually have three options for second part (you must do at least one to be entered in the giveaway):

a. Share this blog post on Facebook with the hashtag #WinGlowBugJACK

b. Share this blog post on Twitter with the hashtag #WinGlowBugJACK

c. Screenshot the image below and share on Instagram with the hashtag #WinGlowBugJACK 


Giveaway will be open for two weeks and end June 16 at 11:59 PM. A winner will randomly be selected and announced June 19. Good luck! *Make sure profiles are public so I will be able to see you entered!*


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