Favorite Wraps and Carriers

Jack is in one of our carriers or wraps at least once a day and some days much more than that. I originally starting wearing him for my own benefit- it was convenient, I could get stuff done around the house faster, and a lot of times it is so much easier going to the mall or beach with him in the carrier as opposed to lugging around a stroller. Once I started wearing Jack a lot I realized how important it was to him too- is there any place greater than mama’s chest? Wearing Jack immediately calms him down, almost always knocks him out within minutes, and is a great way to keep baby from getting overwhelmed in a big crowd. Babywearing is so important and special to both of us, and over time we collected a few different wraps and carriers that we love equally but for different reasons. Here are our favorites:

Boba 4G


This is the carrier we started with, and still use almost daily it feels like. When I was pregnant I spent a lot of time researching which carriers are best for people prone to back problems. I was left with the Ergo and this. I ended up choosing this one over the other because I felt like was smaller and I was covered with less fabric, and also because the infant insert was included and so much simpler. The design of this is so great and it is truly just as comfortable carrying Jack at nineteen pounds as it was carrying him at seven pounds (the minimum weight for this carrier.) I love how easy it is to adjust so my husband and I can easily trade off without it being a big deal. The hood is a great bonus- I love it for not just sun protection, but also naps and it makes nursing on the go super easy and private. We have a few wraps and carriers, but this one remains one of my most used because of the crazy good back support, and also how quick and easy it is to get baby in. This carrier usually just stays in the car and I pull it out most to run into the store really quick, or something of that nature. You can buy the Boba 4G here. (affiliate link)

Boba Air



Because we loved the Boba 4G so much, when we came across the Boba Air in a mommy boutique we had to have it. This extremely light weight carrier is made with travel in mind. It is made out of nylon but is still really sturdy and just as comfortable as the 4G. The real selling point of the Boba Air is the fact that it folds into a tiny zippered pouch making it super easy to throw in your purse, or anywhere really. We like to keep this one in the bottom of our stroller so if we are out on a walk or gone for the day and Jack gets sick of the stroller we can put him in this. Both the Air and the 4G can easily be worn to front carry or back carry baby, we like both but usually prefer to front carry. The Boba Air has really been a lifesaver many times. You can buy the Boba Air here.

Boba Wrap


The Boba fest continues. I avoided wraps for a really long time because I was convinced they would kill my back (they don’t by the way, but definitely less supportive than a standard carrier.) When Jack was around seven months I found myself wanting one for around the house. If Jack is having a particularly rough day, putting him in the 4G and walking around the house is a good way to knock him out. While the 4G remains to be good for that, I wanted something a little more comfortable for Jack to snuggle into once he fell asleep. It is also much more comfortable for me to sit down with this one on since there is a little give to it. This is a stretchy wrap which has its pros and cons. What I really love about a good stretchy wrap is how easy it is to pop baby in and out. On days Jack likes to be carried a lot I will often just leave the wrap on me for a few hours and take him in and out of it as often as I need to. I wish I had this wrap when Jack was a newborn, but at least now I know it will be a great thing for my next newborn. As for the cons of a stretchy wrap, there are only so many positions you can do with it since it does have that give and is so much less supportive (for you and baby) than a woven wrap. You can buy the Boba wrap here.

Girasol Woven Wrap


It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with wrapping just from my Boba, and my husband and I both wanted a woven wrap pretty soon after. Not going to lie, I was skeptical at first. My main concerns were would it get to hot? (No.) Would it hurt my back? (No.) Would it seem safe and supportive enough for baby? (Yes.) Once I realized just how supportive, safe and comfortable woven wraps could be I fell in love. Not only are woven wraps gorgeous, they are so soft and comfortable for baby to snuggle into and there are so many different ways to wrap baby. My personal favorite is the “kangaroo carry,” but I also love with woven wraps you have the option to carry on your side. I’ve also found that it is surprisingly more comfortable to do a back carry with a woven, but I rarely do them- I hate not being able to see what baby is doing (YouTube is a great source for learning different ways to wrap baby.) I reach for this wrap all the time, I love the comfort of it and the crazy versatility you get from just one piece of (really pretty) fabric. When we save up enough money, my husband and I really want to get a second wrap, but the next one will probably be a shorter length than this one. I definitely got sucked into the world of woven wraps and am totally in love. You can buy the Girasol woven wrap here.

And that’s it! Our favorite wraps and carriers- I really don’t know what we would do without them. Jack really is such a happy boy, and is so good at being independent. Nine times out of ten we use the wraps and carriers just for fun and convenience, but man when we need them (teething) we really need and depend on them. I love every single one we have and I love that they each have their own perk to them. Do you guys wear your babies? What are your favorite wraps or carriers? I’d love to know- I love learning about different ones and knowing what other people love to put their babies in!



I think I only have one picture of Jack smiling in his woven wrap. He is always either asleep, or right about to pass out and a smile would be a miracle at that point. I promise he loves it as much as I do đŸ˜€




2 thoughts on “Favorite Wraps and Carriers

  1. We still haven’t gotten much of a chance to use our Boba, but I have high hopes for it. I’ve not really gotten to baby wear much because Nathan wasn’t a huge fan. I’m sure it would have made those early months a lot easier though.


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