Recipe: Organic Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie (and yogurt drops!)

We have had some exciting experiences with food this past week! Jack’s solid strike ended, but he brought a few challenges to the table when he started eating again- the main one being he HATES spoon feeding now. Another challenge is he rarely will eat things cut up in front of him, he needs to hold the whole thing like he does with a banana. I literally just said in his nine month update, “I get the appeal of baby led weaning, but that is just not for me.” Well, I kind of got forced into it and even though it still makes me a little nervous, I am having fun being creative with what to feed him (and it is really nice to be over the puree hump.) We have been doing a lot of fruits, baked veggies, pasta, teething biscuits, and cheese. One thing I really wanted him to have in his diet was yogurt, which was pretty challenging since he hates spoon feeding now. I came up with a really easy way to get yogurt into his diet that can actually be prepared two ways, and he loves both!

Organic Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie (and yogurt drops!)

As far as ingredients, you just need strawberries (I like to buy frozen for this), bananas, and yogurt but this is something you can really get creative with. I am using this Stoneyfield YoBaby yogurt, it just happened to be the only one that met my requirements: whole milk, plain, and organic. “Baby yogurts” are typically just a little bit smaller of a portion, whole milk, and usually have added vitamins, like this one has a nice bonus of Vitamin D. I choose to steer clear of fruit flavored yogurts for him, they tend to have a lot of sugar, and it is healthier to just mix in your own fruits. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI put one pack (4 oz) of yogurt into the blender, along with one whole banana and three or four frozen strawberries. I find that the banana really helps cut down on the sourness of the plain  yogurt. Then just blend!


It probably makes about six to eight ounces once you blend the fruit with the yogurt. I usually give Jack half to drink right then, and make the rest into yogurt drops. (I am in the process of trying to teach Jack to use a straw. He usually intakes the most smoothie when I get some in the straw for him and put it in his mouth.) Also, isn’t that baby mason jar the cutest?


Next, I take any baking dish or sheet that will fit easily into my freezer and spoon the rest of the smoothie in little drops. It only takes a couple of hours to freeze and when it’s done you have yummy little yogurt drops that melt in your mouth.



Jack absolutely loves both. He really enjoys the smoothie, and the yogurt drops are a great finger food for him (bet they feel great on his gums too.)


My favorite thing about this smoothie is how creative you can get with it. I plan on adding spinach next now that Jack has had it a few times, and also some other fruits like raspberries and blueberries.

Hope you guys enjoy!


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