Cloth Diapering??

Alright, I am finally giving cloth diapering a try. Right after Jack was born I was given a stash of used diapers (super grateful) but they have been sitting in my closet ever since. Yesterday I was finally brave enough to put one on and just give it a try and I think I really like it!

A few things have stopped me from trying cloth diapering until Jack is almost nine months old. One, I just didn’t want to step outside of my comfort zone and add another thing on my never ending list of chores. The main thing though is I was just SO intimidated. I felt like there are so many things to learn- wash routines, brands to try, troubleshooting, prepping, stripping. It is pretty overwhelming, but after slowly reading different websites and joining a super helpful Facebook group (Fluff Love & CD Science) I finally feel like I can actually do this.

So this is what I have to far:

  • The majority of my stash I was handed down is Fuzzibunz, with a few other brands thrown in there. I want to get more bamboo or hemp liners because I would prefer to stick with natural fibers.
  • As far as laundering goes, I posted a picture of my washer and detergent on that FB page and a couple of the girls were really helpful in figuring out a wash routine for me. I also bought some Calgon because I have super hard water, and some spray Bac-Out for poopy diapers.

I am still trying to figure out what I am going to use for a pail at home. I am thinking just a normal plastic trash can (we have one we aren’t using right now) with some type of laundry/wet bag in it? Once we fully say goodbye to disposables (if we do) I would like to get a cloth diaper liner for the Ubbi. I refuse to give up the Ubbi, I love it too much. Also, we haven’t tried to cloth diaper at night yet, and I am not sure if I have a diaper that would be up for the job yet. Oh, and a sprayer situation! I am not too sure about a diaper sprayer yet. I was thinking of just using a bucket and my shower head, I don’t know.

So, we are seeing how it goes! Husband is still super overwhelmed and isn’t ready to completely say goodbye to disposables yet. I am just treating this trial as if we like it, we like it.. if not, oh well. I have to say though, I am kind of hooked already and am really optimistic that this will work out for us.

So PLEASE, cloth diapering mamas, share all your secrets with me! Do I need anything else to get started? What do you do for pails at home, and sprayers? How often do you wash with how many diapers? I want all the knowledge I can get when it comes to this. Joining the FB page was a huge eye opener and I realized it is way less scary when you actually ask questions and talk to other moms about this stuff (imagine that.) I am so, so excited about trying this out and I have to say, Jack looks pretty darn cute in a cloth diaper.



7 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering??

  1. You are brave! I considered this option…but when i thought about all the xtra hot water laundry…etc. Not for us. However, i am wishing you much sucess! 🙂 Show me how its done.:)


    1. Haha, no he isn’t! I’m actually in a spot right now where I’m trying to decide if I am going to give him meat or not. I’m a vegetarian, husband isn’t. This comment is definitely going in my “make baby a vegetarian” file. I just have to research and figure out if I can feel safe and comfortable finding enough protein options for him. Thank you for the wished success on this journey though!

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  2. Jack looks great!!! We’ve been cloth diapering almost since the beginning. We do typically put him in a disposable if we’re going to be running around. This makes it easier if he poops. We use pre-fold diapers. We have 28 or thirty prefolds and five Thirsties covers which are hands down my favorite. We wash every other day so that they don’t get super gross, and we have Planet Wise wet bags that have worked well for us. We tried using sprayers, but they didn’t work well for us. Nathan is still only nursing so we’ve only had the really runny poops, which we just rinse out in the sink by hand. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I was given pre-folds also but haven’t played around with them yet. I definitely need to get my hands on a good wet bag, I’m going to look at Planet Wise. I am getting really excited about this!


  3. Oh you are brave mama. I wanted to cloth diaper too but couldn’t bring myself to do it. As a newborn he was going through diapers so quickly I could have never kept up. Keep us posted on how it goes, I am still toying with the idea in my head especially now that he’s started eating. His poops are a little more solid and easier to clean.

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    1. After doing it for a few days so far, I have to say- it is way less intimidating once you actually jump in and do it. It feels surprisingly manageable, so many moms told me that but I refused to believe them. That being said though, there is no way I could have done it when Jack was pooping so many times a day, that would have totally discouraged me. One to two poopy diapers a day I can handle.


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