Top Ten Baby Buys (in the first six months)

I missed my Tuesday blog post because Jack and I have been super sick, but I am SO excited to be back with my Top Ten Baby Buys. I have been wanting to do this post since I started my blog, but wanted to make sure the list was just right. I love so many baby products but there are some things that really, really stood out and were a huge part of my survival in the first six months. Without further ado, my top ten baby buys.


1. Ubbi Diaper Pail We didn’t register for a diaper pail but were given a Diaper Genie at our baby shower. We were super grateful and realized that yes we needed a diaper pail, but no not the Diaper Genie. The Diaper Genie was great- easy enough to use, kept the smell in.. but as soon as we had to buy refills I was over it. My husband convinced me we should buy the Ubbi Diaper Pail and I was SUPER hesitant. I had a really hard time deciding to spend $79.99 on a diaper pail when we did already have the Diaper Genie, but getting the Ubbi was absolutely one of the greatest baby buys we made. This diaper pail uses normal trash bags so we never have to buy special refills and that is what makes this diaper pail so much greater than the Diaper Genie. The Ubbi keeps the stink in, is super simple to switch out bags, and takes up about the same floor space as the Diaper Genie. I feel like every mom in the world needs this in her life. You can buy the Ubbi Diaper Pail here. (affiliate link)

2. Avent Electric Bottle and Baby Food Warmer This is something we don’t use as much now since Jack hardly has bottles anymore, but we got SO much use out of it in the beginning. We had to be super strict with Jack’s feedings in the beginning because we were going full force to kick his jaundice in the butt to avoid light therapy (and he didn’t nurse properly for the first two weeks.) We decided not to use the microwave to heat up his bottles (it can be dangerous and cause hot spots) and heating up water every two hours was becoming a pain. So, we got this bottle warmer. You just fill it with water, adjust the switch depending on how full the bottle is, and flip it on. It takes about four minutes and is safe, easy, and effective. You can buy this bottle warmer here.

3. Nuna SENA Mini This was another item we ended up getting to replace something else we already had. I was handed down a pack ‘n play and while I was super excited about getting it, I was actually surprised at how much space it took up, and also it wasn’t as easy to set up and break down as I had imagined. I’ve mentioned it before- it is SO important to me to have baby products that are small, compact, and easy to break down and put away. With this mindset we passed the pack n’ play along, and got ourselves a Nuna SENA Mini. The design of this is exactly what every mama wants- it easily folds up and back out and raising and lowering the mattress is as simple as it gets. The SENA Mini is designed for babies from birth to about eighteen months and takes up so much less space than a traditional pack n’ play. If we had more space in our place, I would have probably opted for the larger size, but the mini is so perfect and so easy for us. You can buy the Nuna SENA Mini here.

4. Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets I talked about how much I loved these blankets in this post- Whats In My Diaper Bag, so I won’t go into too much detail. I love how lightweight they are (especially great for a summer baby like Jack was), they are perfect for swaddling and a million other things. They’re amazing, I love them, and they live up to their reputation. Get your hands on some. You can buy these blankets here.

5. Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing I registered for this swing for one reason: it was the smallest swing I could find. The swing has six speed settings, six different melodies Jack loves, and does exactly what I need it to- swing smoothly. When Jack was really little, he was happy in anything I would put him in- the rock ‘n play, the bouncy seat, this swing- it really didn’t matter what it was. So while I won’t say this swing saved my life because all those things did, I will say it is my favorite out of all of those. It is so small and you can fold it up and transport it one-handed (and you only get to do things one-handed once you have a baby.) This swing is so easy to move from room to room, take to grandma’s for the day, or just fold up and tuck in the closet. Jack can still (happily) sit in it, so we aren’t ready to put it away just yet, but the time to retire it is definitely nearing. You can buy this swing here.

6. HALO SleepSack I only used these for a short amount of time (before bed sharing days when Jack slept in the crib), but they gave me such great peace of mind when I did use them that they made the  list. I love these because you have the option to swaddle with arms in or arms out, and you don’t have to worry that newborn baby will magically break out of a normal blanket which would cause a safety issue. I always like to include these in baby shower gifts because they’re a newborn necessity to me. You can buy the HALO SleepSacks here.

7. Boba 4G Baby Carrier I really want to do a more detailed blog post on my favorite wraps and carriers, so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I spent a lot of time researching which carriers are best for people prone to back issues and was left with this and the Ergo. I ended up choosing the Boba and have used the crap out of it ever since Jack was big enough to fit in it (seven pounds.) It has saved my butt many times in many different ways, and also saved my back because it is SO comfortable. You can buy the Boba 4G Baby Carrier here.

8. Cuisinart Baby Bottle Sterilizer When we were doing our registry I was on the fence whether this was something we were actually going to use, but I am so glad we ended up with this one. When we were deciding which one we wanted I chose this because it had the most free space inside allowing me to throw in bigger toys, or just bigger loads of dishes. The main reason this made my list is because when babies are really little, it is SO important to sterilize stuff like bottle parts and pacifiers before use. I used this so often when we were doing more bottle feedings and I was pumping a lot, and I still use it to sterilize new pacifiers and toys that are able to be thrown in there. I think it is a good idea every now and again to sterilize random batches of toys Jack puts in his mouth a lot, and also whatever bottles/dishes he uses. You can buy the Cuisinart Baby Bottle Sterilizer here.

9. Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Alright, it seemed a little silly to me that I share a bed with baby and I was out buying a fairly expensive video monitor, but then it totally isn’t silly. I feel totally confident that Jack is safe in bed with me when I sleep next to him, and I feel 100% not safe letting him sleep in a bed by himself. Safety issues like crawling off the bed, lying face first in the mattress, or rolling into a pillow are super serious and I can’t know that isn’t happening if I’m not next to him/watching him (which by the way I’ve never seen Jack do any of those things, but I’m not willing to risk it.) Jack usually goes to bed around seven and then I will go out in the living room for another three or four hours. Having this monitor is absolutely essential to having that freedom at night, and also during naps. When I was looking for a monitor I knew I liked this one because it isn’t wireless (that is SUPER important for baby monitors) and I wanted my own separate monitor, not one I could just link to my phone. There are way more things I could rave about, and a couple minor things I could complain about, but that would be a entire blog post devoted solely to reviewing this monitor. I would have a lot of fun doing that for you guys, if you’re interested! Just let me know in the comments. You can buy this baby monitor here.

10. Bugaboo Bee + Cocoon I saved my stroller as the grand finale because it is definitely the priciest and most splurge-worthy out of all the baby buys I have listed here. First, I am going to justify spending a ridiculous amount of money on a stroller by saying we really didn’t spend a lot on other stuff. We were so lucky to be gifted a lot of our necessities, I knew a few great moms who were so happy to pass down their stuff to us, and I somehow managed to find my dream crib for $89. I think my husband Jimmy and I spent longer deciding if we were actually going to go for it and buy this stroller than we did deciding if we were going to have a baby. One of the absolute greatest things about this stroller is how lightweight and compact it is, which makes it so, SO easy to maneuver with one hand (which you have to do more than you think.) Another huge thing I love is that the seat is reversible so baby can either face you or away from you at any age. The seat extends up and out to grow with baby, the sun canopy extends more than most strollers so baby’s eyes are NEVER in the sun no matter where the sun is (if baby is seated upright), four-wheel independent suspension and swivel wheels make it so your wheels never get stuck and it is ALWAYS a smooth ride. Less necessary but really fun bits that come along with a Bugaboo are the endless amounts of accessorizing you can do in terms of colors and patterns, and also accessories like cup holders, snack trays, umbrellas, etc. We’ve bought three accessories so far- a cup holder, a seat liner, and most importantly the cocoon. Jimmy and I decided early on that an infant car seat just didn’t fit our lifestyle- we have been using a convertible seat since Jack was born- and the cocoon allowed us to put Jack in the stroller (without a car seat) from birth. I was terrified of spending this amount of money on a stroller, but I would do it again and again and again. The Bugaboo Bee is definitely more expensive than the average stroller, but it is worth every penny. You can buy the Bugaboo Bee here, and you can buy the Bugaboo Cocoon here.

So that’s it! My top ten baby buys I felt were crucial to my survival in the first six months. Some of them I only used eight weeks, and some I will use for two or three more years, but all equally necessary! I’d love to know what your top ten list looks like, I am always looking for new things to try!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Baby Buys (in the first six months)

  1. I have to agree about the video monitor! I love ours and I’m glad we have it! Random question – how do you make the picture with all the items on it? I’ve seen a lot of people do it and I want to do a post similar to this soon!


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