Bath Time Favorites

Jack has always loved bath time and I so love watching him enjoy himself in the tub. I try to go as long as I can without bathing him for his skin’s sake (that usually ends up being a few days) but I don’t mind bathing him every night of the week if he is super cranky or unusually dirty. If I feel like I’m giving him a lot of baths in a row for the reasons above, I like to put a spoonful of coconut oil in the bath to keep his skin from getting dry. So from our happy tub to yours, here are our bath time favorites.bath1

Angelcare Bath Support I absolutely love this bath and I’m going to be super sad when Jack outgrows it. I originally registered for it because I loved that it was much smaller than other infant bathing systems (that is a common theme you will see with products I love- small, compact, and easy to hide away.) I love that you can submerge this into the bath -which is how we use it most- or you can also use it to just prop baby up and give baby a sponge bath (the backing allows water to pass through.) We started using this when Jack was a few weeks old at six or seven pounds and I was skeptical at first that it would offer such a tiny babe enough support, but it definitely did. Now Jack is eight months and nineteen pounds and he still sits comfortably in it with room to grow- it supports up to thirty pounds. Even though Jack can sit in the bath now, we still use it when he is cranky and I think he’d prefer to just lie back and relax. You can buy the Angelcare Bath Support here.(affiliate link)

Munchkin Ducky Safety Bath I was so excited for Jack to be able to sit up in the tub and play, but I was so insanely paranoid. Even after he had definitely mastered the art of sitting unassisted, I just couldn’t feel comfortable with him sitting in the tub (for now at least.) I was always hunching over the tub with my arms really close to him (helicopter mom, much?) I love this because it makes Jack totally safe from falling back and hitting his head so I can finally relax and let him have fun. You can buy the Munchkin Ducky Safety Bath here.


California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash California Baby is such a great brand- we have been impressed with everything we have tried from them so far. When Jack was first born we were using their sensitive skin formula with no fragrance and I actually bought this one on accident. I’ve been using it ever since. It smells amazing (french lavender and clary sage) and is made with organic and sustainably grown vegan ingredients. Like all California Baby products, it is sulfate free, has no synthetic fragrances, and it is tear free, non-drying, allergy tested, and mama approved. You can buy this shampoo here.

California Baby Overtired & Cranky Bubble Bath We only buy this once in awhile as a special treat since it isn’t a total necessity- but it is so fun to have! Jack loves playing with the bubbles, and it even comes with a bubble wand so you can blow bubbles with the liquid. So it’s like a bubbles on bubbles bath! It smells yummy (tangerine, sweet orange, and chamomile) and has the same high quality ingredients as the shampoo above. You can buy this bubble bath here.

California Baby Calendula Everyday Lotion After the bath we always put this on Jack and we also use it on nights he doesn’t bathe as part of his night routine. It has calendula which is great for sensitive skin. This lotion is lightweight, non-greasy, and leaves Jack’s skin SO soft- I steal some for myself every now and then. Like the shampoo and bubble bath, the ingredients are high quality. This lotion is allergy tested, vegan, uses organic and natural ingredients, and it is free of synthetic fragrances. I’m obsessed with this stuff, and everything else we have tried from this brand. You can buy this lotion here.


Green Toys Tug Boat Jack received this as a gift and absolutely loves it. This toy is great for three reasons: it is totally fun and adorable, it holds a large amount of water and with the handle and spout I use it to rinse Jack’s hair and body, and the company that makes it is so eco-friendly! The tug boat is made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers, is free of stuff like BPA and PVC, and the packaging is only made with recycled and recyclable products. Since we received this as a gift, we already bought one other boat from this company and plan to buy more toys from them in the future. You can buy the Green Toys Tug Boat here.

Munchkin Caterpillar Stacking Cups This was also a gift and might be Jack’s favorite toy for the bath. You can link or stack the cups, and each cup has a different design on the bottom for water to spill through. Jack loves holding onto the different cups and chewing on them, and he loves watching me pour water through all the different cups. You can buy the Munchkin stacking cups here.

Little Tikes Bath Letters & Numbers These are such an inexpensive and fun thing for kids to play with in the bath. Jack loves chewing on them (don’t think that is going to go over well once we have teeth though) and he loves taking them off the side of the tub after I stick them on. One thing we do every time we take a bath is focus on a different letter each night. I let him chew on the letter of the night, go over sounds it makes, and spend the majority of the bath talking about words that start with that letter. I also do flashcards with him, poor kid. You can buy foam alphabet letters here.



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