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When Jack was six weeks old, he got a diaper rash. After crying too much and feeling like a failure of a mother at only six weeks in (postpartum hormones are the best, am I right?) I Googled the crap out of how to help my baby with his rash and came up with this:

Every time Jack was remotely wet, we changed him- and we also changed him with every night feeding- which was every two hours at the point. The first step in our operation was to only use cotton rounds and water, no more wipes (there are lotions, fragrances, alcohol and chemicals in them that can irritate their bum even more.) After we would wipe his bum down, we would pat him dry- moisture is your biggest enemy when trying to clear a diaper rash. After that we would let him lay there for a few minutes naked (letting the bum breathe also helps clear the rash.) Next we would put a cream on his bum and do it all over again in an hour. One more thing we did was every other changing we would completely wash his whole diaper area in his tub with a very mild soap. It was a huge pain in the butt, but it only took a couple of days for his (pretty bad) rash to clear, and he has never had a rash since- almost seven months later. So, while that was not the best experience for baby or mama, it did lead me to my favorite products I still use on his bum daily.


1. WaterWipes I really need to take a moment here to properly express how much I love these wipes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my hands on them until immediately after the diaper rash, but if I already had them I would have been able to avoid the whole water and cotton rounds thing. Why? These wipes are 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefuit seed extract. That’s amazing- 99.9% water! I wish all my baby products were that pure. No fragrances, alcohol, parabens, chemical preservatives, the list goes on. Since the wipes are just water, it also makes them great for hand and face use. The only sucky part about these wipes is that they are extremely hard to find. Like- I signed up for Amazon Mom (affiliate link) solely for these wipes- hard to find. Some Targets recently started selling them which was cause for much celebration, but I still like to order in bulk. I will never use another wipe on that cute dimply bum. You can buy WaterWipes here.

2. Honest Diaper Rash Cream We had previously been using a different diaper cream, but once Jack got his diaper rash we switched to the Honest cream. We chose it for the slightly higher level of zinc oxide at 14%- a skin protectant which is the main healing ingredient in most diaper creams. Another thing that appealed to me about this particular cream was the fact that it is all natural, has a lot of certified organic ingredients, and many of those ingredients are plant based. I still put this on Jack every morning during his first diaper change of the day, and also on him after every poopy diaper I change. You can buy Honest Diaper Rash Cream here.

3. Waxelene This stuff is almost as exciting and amazing as the WaterWipes because this product only has FOUR ingredients. Waxelene is a wax made from organic soybean oil, 100% natural beeswax, organic rosemary oil, and 100% natural Vitamin E oil- that’s it! I started using this stuff immediately after Jack’s rash because I wanted a really great barrier for his bum when he slept at night. I wanted something more heavy duty than a cream, but really wasn’t satisfied with all the ingredients I was seeing in other waxes or petroleum jellies. It is a little expensive, but so worth it. Also, it lasts for a pretty long time- it took me over six months to use one jar. I put this on Jack every night before bed, and sometimes a few random diaper changes throughout the day. Love love love this stuff. You can buy Waxelene here.

4. Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers I’ve spent a lot of time researching different diapers in search of the best, more natural diaper. When I was still pregnant, I had already decided this diaper was the best choice, and I was SO happy Jack and I both loved them when we actually put them to use. (I do have to mention that we were so lucky to have received so many different diapers like Huggies, Luvs, Pampers, and Honest at our baby shower and we gratefully used them all.) So what makes this diaper my favorite? The best thing about this diaper is it is made out of 100% natural and renewable ingredients, and also plant based ingredients. It is free of toxins, fragrances, latex, and chlorine. In place of petroleum based lotions, Babyganics uses 100% natural seed oil to nourish baby’s bum. As far as performance- we have only had a few overnight leaks, they fit comfortably, and are super soft (something that is missing from a lot of more natural diapers.) In the end- yes, it is still a disposable diaper and yes, I still have a huge supply of cloth diapers in my closet I’m really grateful for but too scared and tired to start using. In the meantime though, I am really happy to have found a more natural disposable diaper that I absolutely love. You can buy Babyganics diapers here.

So there they are- my four must have diapering products that I couldn’t live a day without. What are your favorite products for your babe’s bum?


10 thoughts on “All Things Bum

  1. We use prefold cloth diapers on Nathan, with the occasional Seventh Generation disposable. We’ve only ever used Seventh Generation baby wipes, but I like the sound of the WaterWipes and might try to get my hands on some. For redness I’ve only used California Baby’s diapers rash cream. We’ve never had an actual diaper rash issue. I’m glad you’ve not had to deal with it again!

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    1. I love California Baby! That’s actually the cream we were using before but wanted higher zinc oxide for the actual rash. We use all CA baby for his shampoos and lotions and stuff, I’m obsessed. Have you used the calelunda lotion? It’s my favorite, we use it at night.


  2. Jack had a terrible yeasty diaper rash around three months old. What worked for us was, using water and tp instead of wipes. Also we dust baby powder with aloe in his diaper. Cleared it right up, and it’s stayed clear. We also did naked tummy time to air him out. lol He’s a pee bucket, so we layed down one of those water proof mattress protectors, and put him on that. He loves that.

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