5 Things I Never Thought I’d Do (After Becoming a Mom)

Alright, mamas, I bet we all have a list like this. There are a few things I thought I would do as a mom, but don’t. Then there are a lot of things I never thought I would do, that I totally do (and I’m proud of it!) Here’s five:

1. Drive a van. Five days a week I drive around three kids, all in a car seat or booster. Shortly after Jack was born my husband -surprisingly- convinced me we should buy a used van. At first I was really embarrassed, but you know what? Now I freaking love it. Having a kid and driving a car that is designed with kids in mind is amazing. No van shame here.

2. Wear yoga pants all day. I feel like I don’t even need to explain this one because it must be a universal mom thing, right? We are always going from the ground to standing to the ground, probably over one hundred times a day. We climb over baby gates, and chase babies who escape baby gates. Jeans have no business here. I do -most of the time- put on jeans when I leave the house. I still have that to hold onto.

3. Neglect my makeup drawer. I love makeup so much. I used to watch YouTube videos of girls perfecting winged liner for hours. I used to start my old job at 4 AM and I would STILL take the time to put on makeup, just because I loved it so much. I really do miss it, but it is so hard for me to find not just the time, but also the motivation do it. If you see me with jeans and mascara on, it is a really good day.

4. Become a drive-thru regular. I actually used to work at a drive-thru Starbucks and from that perspective saw that usually it was faster to get out of your car and order inside, which is what I always would do myself. But now with a baby in the car? I will wait literally twenty extra minutes for my coffee if it means my baby stays asleep in the car seat. Plus I get to stay sitting in the car while someone hands me my coffee? Yes, please.

5. Share a bed with baby. I seriously never thought this would be my future. Jack used to actually sleep really well in the crib (it used to be in our room.) But then.. I’d want to hold him for a little longer, or he would just look so cute on the bed, or I’d get serious anxiety about not knowing if he was breathing. I love having him right next to me, and I know he loves being there.


What do you guys find yourselves doing as a mom that you thought you’d never do? I’d love to hear!



11 thoughts on “5 Things I Never Thought I’d Do (After Becoming a Mom)

  1. I will sit in the car up to an hour just to avoid waking her up! Drive thru coffee is the best!!!! I also never thought I would co sleep and it’s one of my favorites! I insisted that we needed a crib and now she hasn’t ever really slept in it lol

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  2. i will so makeup is like a foreign object lol I always wore yoga pants on my off days and after I did yoga. Sometimes when I need sleep baby just has to sleep with us lol I have found myself cooking more since I had kids… Odd I know but instead of a fan we got an suv and I love it but I still have my Elentra when I ever get to just drive by myself lol

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