Teething Sucks

I think the title pretty much covers it. Teething sucks and I hate it, we all do. It takes my happy baby who will just sit and smile at himself in the mirror forever to a miserable, uncomfortable whiny little thing that needs to be snuggled all hours of the day (can’t complain about the snuggles part.) I think the worst thing besides knowing that Jack is in pain is the reality that there is NO escaping it. It’s overwhelming really. Every mama and babe need to march through this, and we need to do it for such a long time. So far we have 0/20 teeth and about two and a half more years to go. Crap. So while none of us can avoid it, here is what I’m doing that helps Jack, which really helps me. Which really helps everyone.

Jack has a ton of different teethers, but here are his top five:


1. MAM Bite & Brush This teether is designed for gently massaging and brushing baby’s front teeth with soft little bristles. Jack reaches for this one the most right now. It fits exactly how it is supposed to in his mouth and the lightweight design makes it really easy for him to hold. You can buy the MAM Bite & Brush here. (affiliate link)

2. MAM Cooler Alright, so we’re MAM fans in this house (also his favorite pacifiers.) This teether is great because while it is designed for the back teeth, Jack has a really easy time getting it exactly where he needs to chew. The cooling effect is a bonus. I keep a bowl in the fridge with about six different cooling teethers, but this one makes it out the most. This teether led me on a frantic search around the valley to replace it after he dropped his original on a walk. I know, lesson learned. You can buy the MAM Cooler here.

3. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether I don’t really know much else about this brand, but Jack and I love this teether. When Jack doesn’t have one of the fifteen teethers in this house, he loves just chewing on his index finger. While that’s fine and all, I prefer him to chew on this. The design caught my eye in the store one day because the little ends are pretty much the same size and shape of his little fingers (that was exactly their intention.) He loves this one. You can buy the Comotomo teether here.

4. Nuby Look at Me Mirror Toy One of our neighbors gave this to Jack for Christmas. (Don’t you love it when other moms get you really, really great gifts?) The best thing about this one is that it is just the perfect little size, and so easy for Jack to hold on to and manipulate. He also loves it because of the variety of things and textures there are to chew on. On the other side of this teether is a decent size mirror, and that’s always a hit. You can buy the Nuby mirror toy here.

5. Sassy Strawberry Terry Teether We’ve been on a journey with this one. We originally tried using it the way you are supposed to- fill it with ice cubes and enjoy (by the way, this isn’t one of those mesh ones where food can come through, it has a plastic lining on the inside.) Jack wasn’t really crazy about it, and I felt like it never really got that cold considering there was ice inside. Then I tried dunking the whole thing in water and freezing it. Better, but he could still live without it. THEN, I tried dunking the whole thing in water and sticking in in the fridge and that he really, really enjoys. He gets really excited when he sees it and will bite or suck on it for a long time. But really, when it is used this way it is the same as using a cold wet washcloth, so you could do that instead. You can buy the Strawberry teether here.

What else do we do besides chew on these things? He started wearing an amber teething necklace about three months ago. I’m not convinced it is doing anything for him, but I leave it on because what if it is? Can’t hurt.  Lots and lots of nursing when times are rough. I found a great popsicle mold that I like to fill with whatever pureed fruit is currently in his diet, he loves eating them. I get a ton of use out of all my wraps and carriers when he just needs to be held. I’ll give him a bath when he is super miserable because no matter what, he will be happy in the bath (and when he isn’t, crap.) When all THAT doesn’t work, we whip out the Tylenol and prepare for a long night ahead.


You can buy the Freezy Cup here.

I’d love to hear what works for you guys and your little babes. Feel free to leave me any questions below. Hang in there mamas, we’ll make it through.



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